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10 Most Appetizing Liquors, Wines & Beers Bartenders Swear By

Bartenders have the best inside knowledge of all things alcohol. But it can be confusing to pick which ones are the best tasting for the average drinker. These are often noted as bartenders’ 10 best liquors, wines, and beers, ranging from Italian amaretto to one classic beer brand.

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ABV: 28%

Amaretto is an Italian almond-flavored liquor used to enhance the flavors of many bakeries and cocktails. Amaretto tastes rich and distinctive, either mixed with your coffee or by itself.

Apple Cider

ABV: 1% – 10%

Apple cider is consumed everywhere in the world, especially in the UK. Pick from a range of still and sparkling ciders. Drink apple cider as the perfect starter drink before trying other types of alcohol.

Radler Beer

ABV: 2.5%

Radler Beer is a combination of lemonade and water, which doesn’t have the usual alcohol bitterness. On a sunny day, it’s a perfect refresher, and very famous for its distinctive flavor.


ABV: 35%

This is well-known for college students and young hipsters alike, but Jagermeister consists of 56 digestion-friendly spices. This alcohol’s flavor is unique and is the perfect healthy drink for anyone who can’t tolerate alcohol of any other kind.

Port Wine

ABV: 20%

Over several decades, Port wine has become staple alcohol in a bartender’s toolkit. It is often seen as a beginner wine but doesn’t be mistaken – this can get your drunk fast!


ABV: 16-18%

Vermouth wines come in various styles: dry, sweet, and bland. They are known for their light, sweet taste. They can be sipped straight and shaken with drinks such as martinis and Manhattans.


ABV: 28.5%

A bitter, bright-red Italian aperitif, Campari is the main ingredient of a negroni, but it’s best for spritzes and other vermouth cocktails. Most may want to drink it straight, but if you haven’t had it before, then steel yourself.


ABV: 40%

Many bourbons come in all styles and brands from high-end to low-end. They all share the same qualities: They are full-flavored, easy to drink, and have a smooth, enjoyable finish.

One popular brand among bartenders is Jim Beam with its soft flavor profile of char, oak, and sweet caramel corn flavors.


ABV: 36-50%

Rum is often overshadowed by its other liquor cousins like bourbon, but they no longer taste sickly sweet with a coconut flavor.

Rum comes in a variety of aromas and distilling methods from around the world.

A noted emerging rum brand is Don Papa, known for notes of dried fruits, cacao, and a hint of oak perfect for sipping by itself.

Pinstripe Red Ale

ABV: 5.2%

Pinstripe Red Ale from Ska Brewing is just the right taste of fruitiness to go well with anything as basic as a burger. It’s the type of comforting beer needed during these trying times.

Miller High Life

ABV: 4.6%

Bartenders sometimes opt for a classic old-fashioned domestic lager. Miller High Life is the best of all, the self-proclaimed beer champagne with its enjoyable, sweet, and crisp golden-pilsner flavor profile.

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