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10 Must-Have Affordable Beer and Wines

Drinking should not be expensive.

Some of the best tasting beer and liquors are around $25 and less. With Americans spending over $253.8 billion in 2018, it’s easy to lose track of money spent on expensive alcohol.

Here are some of our favorite choices of beer and liquors that fit your budget. You can easily order these online through our store.

4 Noses – Cherry Pie Velvet Milkshake IPA

$4.69 – can, $16.99 – 4pk

Cherry Pie Velvet Milkshake IPA is balanced with graham crackers and cherries. Both sweet and tart cherries influence the cherry taste, complemented by vanilla & graham crackers that goes well with rich malt.

Great Divide – Orabelle Belgian Style Ale

$1.99 – can, $10.99 – 6pk

This Belgian style ale is a beauty mixed with the two strains of yeast, orange peel and a dash of coriander, giving this ale an amazing complexity and richness.

Melvin – Mind Bloom Hazy IPA

$4.69 – can, $16.99 – 4pk

Mind Bloom Hazy IPA has audacious flavors that include a fruity and tropical palate of mango, strawberry and mojito.

La Cumbre – Altimeter IPA

$3.09 – can, $11.49 – 6pk

A bright floral, medium-body, IPA that finishes with a balanced bitterness.

River North – Fifteener IPA

$2.59 – can, $14.49 – 6pk

Fifteener IPA has a sprinkling of tropical mango within layers coats of pine and grapefruit, combining the modern and traditional dual IPA perfectly.

Colterris – 2017 Cabernet Franc


This wine is rounded out by exquisite black cherry, cocoa, and cinnamon aromas, with hints of violets and warm baked spices. It is a perfect pairing with meats like pork tenderloin and elk.

Colterris – 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

The wine’s palate shows medium high acidity with many citrus and tropical notes. Drink it on a hot day in Colorado.

Colterris – Coloradeaux

The tastes of raspberry jelly, preservative strawberry and black currant are strongly represented in this wine’s palate, showcasing delicate varieties of leather and toasted oak.

Colterris – Malbec

This is a dark and fruity wine with rich raspberry and blueberries flavours. A touch of mocha and cinnamon spice joins in with exquisite violet notes. It suits best with barbecues, charcuterie, rich cheeses, and burgers.

Colterris – Petit Verdon

The scents of raspberries, dark chocolate and plums are present in our Petit Verdon. This wine has a darker chocolate palate with a touch of acidity and more concentrated fruity notes.

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